Writing a biography?

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January 24, 2017
Amy Nicholls

There are many readers in the world that prefer to read only biographies. Why? Because they want to read about your success or how you overcame obstacles, or how you built an empire. Whatever the reason I truly believe everyone has a biography inside of them somewhere. Writing your story can be an amazing journey. It may cause you discomfort and at the same time give you a sense of self accomplishment. It can be an emotional topic to write about both positive and negative. Since you are reading the article you already know why you want to write it and you know there is a story that needs to be told and a legacy you wish to leave behind. The main point is they want to read about you! For whatever reason that may be.

So what do you put in your biography? Think long and hard about your life, what was the key turning point that changed things forever. Was it an idea or an event? What led you on this path of self discovery?

The other features you want to convey is the purpose of your story. Is it to inspire others or are you doing it for yourself, this is okay too. I have read that it can be a therapeutic way of revisiting old wounds and a reminder of what it took to get you where you are today and how you overcame the obstacles in your life.

A biography should be powerful and stand in its own right. One of the best biographies I have read was about Navy Diver, Paul de Gelder “No time for Fear”. A great read and I had the privilege of meeting Paul and watching him speak twice. Paul’s story focuses on his life before and after he was attacked by a bull shark in Sydney Australia, The ferocious attack resulted in Paul losing two of his limbs. Paul showed us footage of the actual attack. It was incredibly moving, and there was not a dry eye in the audience, safe to say he received a standing ovation and I wanted to read his book, so I did.

This courageous man not only  endured this extremely horrific attack but he overcame his fear by returning to the navy and working his way up the ranks. This story had a profound effect on me, and, this is what a biography should do. It should make you feel all kinds of emotions, it should make people reassess their lives or make them think how else could I be living it, what else could I achieve?

Now write your story so that the world can read it…

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