To plan or not plan your book? That is the question

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January 24, 2017
Amy Nicholls

Ah, this one is an interesting question and there is no right or wrong answer I’m afraid. This really is a personal choice for the writer. While some love to write knowing what is going to happen every step of the way, there are those that may rely on scraps of paper that lie untidily around them.  Some writers may resort to white boards that are visibly drawn with plots to the story laid out. Others may prefer the use of  a journal. These methods may work for some but not for others. Some authors will just type madly away at the keyboard, letting the story unfold as they think of it.

So let’s break this down further and look at the pros and cons to all methods. Find what suites your personality.

Planning a Book

Planning a book is a methodical way of writing and requires a mind that prefers a more streamlined approach. This method is great for those writing self-help books or factual books. There are those though, that might undertake writing an epic tale that requires some extensive plot evaluation, to make sure the story makes sense. The downside of this process it may take you longer to write a book because the planning becomes a side project in itself. The upside of this however, is when you do write you’ve already thought about the deeper details and can set about writing the actual story. There are always pro’s and cons to anything we do.

Not Planning a Book

Not planning your book is a free way of writing, letting it flow through your mind and out onto paper (so to speak), with little thought about what is exactly going to happen 5 chapters from now. This isn’t to say you have mapped out some of the details in your mind. The only danger with this method is getting writer’s block. If you have ever struggled to write the next chapter and need help getting out of the writer’s rut, check The Nicholls Publishing blog on “How to stay focused when you have writers block.”

On the other hand for some lucky people, words can flow effortlessly, this is a passionate and focused writer something we all would like to aspire to.

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