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BOOK 1: The Nimrods and the Starcluster – fan facts

What happens in the book: The Nimrods are forcibly thrown into another adventure but not from the usual set of circumstances. Commander Kathleen Keila and her team must search for her missing AO.  In discovering Mega’s whereabouts, the Elite operatives unexpectedly uncover a sinister plot by the Elite, the very same planetary organisation they work for.

The Nimrods commit to finding the Starcluster, and possibly save a nearby planet from whatever destruction has been planned.  Firstly, they must gather the facts, create a team of warriors and pursue the enemy.

Frema, a sword wielding Taskan assists the team on their quest across the galaxy.  The unorthodox team fight, con and comically baffle their way to the final battle, but will they arrive in time, and how will they fight the Elite’s largest fleet alone?

Who is in The Nimrod Team?

Kathleen Keila –Nimrod Commander
Height: 6’ 3”
Features: Olive skinned, Dark hair medium length, Athletic strong. Nose, straight bridge a little broad at the nostrils.
Skills: Cool tactician. Highly trained in combatants and weapon specialist

Ki – Nimrod Telepathic Controller TPC
Height: 5’ 1”
Features: Pert nose, almond shaped brown eyes, short straight black hair, and scar across her left eyebrow
Skills: Telepathy and Logistics

Steele – Nimrod Engineer 2IC
Height: 6’ 7”
Features: Black – Dark generous, broad face, piercing blue eyes, stubble of white hair. A large Casarian crystal embedded in his ear lobe.
Skills: Engineering and Second in Charge and amateur Earth historian

Tek – Nimrod Security officer
Height: 6’ 4”
Features: Sandy Haired fair, slightly freckled. Nose a little wavy bent slightly across the bridge.
Skills: Combat & Security specialist

Conor – Nimrod Weapons specialist
Height: 6’ 2”
Features: Thick dark wavy brown hair, brown eyes youthful. Straight nose.
Skills: Gamer & Weaponry adaptation, skilled pilot

Aeryk O’Reilly – Temporary Nimrod
Height: 6’ 3”
Features: Greasy dark haired, untidy.
Skills: Combat, Resourceful

The Elite Leaders

The Elite Leaders

Tighe – Elite Centre Commander
Roman Bisk – C Force Major
Pengard Needham – C Force Major
Carlyle – Elite General
Burkhoff – Elite General

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