Reading and Editing

Stage 1 Reading and Editing

Reading and editing the manuscript is the foundation of the book publishing process, this can also determine whether or not a book will be accepted by the Publisher.

Stage 1 steps to take

  • Discuss the book concept
  • Read the Service Agreement
  • Send part of the manuscript (all books are protected by the Copyright Act 1968)
  • Agree to a payment plan (this will coincide with the time frame of the book project)
  • Sign the Service Agreement
  • Send in the full manuscript for reading and editing


Congratulations you have finished the book and you now want a fine eye to read over the manuscript and pick up on any spelling or grammatical errors so that it can become a published book. There is, however, more work entailed in the editing process. The Editor in the reading process will pick up on any section/s that need some work.

In this process we may pick out key sections of the book that an Editor will deem unnecessary, or pick out parts that may require expanding on. Editors don’t just read over a book, we examine it. Will this appeal to most readers? Will it be something worth representing? Why was this part of the book written differently to the rest? This is then relayed back to the Author. The Author may even be asked to expand on things or remove parts prior to the Editing process. Once both the Editor and Publisher come to an agreement on what needs changing, the Editor can then go into the process of editing.


What does an editor do? They polish and refine your work. They will look
tediously through the ‘Work’ for spelling or grammatical errors and rearrange sentences to help with the reader experience. If something doesn’t sound quite right then it may need changing. There may be minor to larger adjustments to the ‘Work.’ It will vary depending on the capability of the writer.

The Editor will also ensure that the manuscript meets in-house style standards correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation; checking facts and even suggest different words or wording. Verifies headings, statistics, data in graphs, and footnote entries. For fiction, the manuscript editor will check for consistency and logic, and will read with the needs of the audience in mind.