Formatting is tedious and requires a creative designer with a sharp eye. Great formatting can be what benefits the reader and keeps them visually engaged. You want it to be a nice experience.

Stage 3 steps to take

  • Confirm the size of the book
  • Formatting example received and agreed upon by both the Author and Publisher before the formatting is applied to the entire book

There is a lot that goes into designing the interior and exterior of a book. Below is a list of considerations and decisions that go into the interior:

  • Trim size (as explained above)
  • Colour vs. black and white
  • Other physical considerations (gloss or matt cover)
  • Font and size selection
  • Spacing decisions
  • Header design elements, chapter headings and book titling
  • Sidebars (if any)
  • Incorporate illustrations, photography or other graphics
  • Document measurements
  • Margins
  • E-Book Formatting – All the above