Finalising the Book

Finalising the Book

At this stage you will start to see the book project coming together. You will be able to learn how you can take over and manage your own book online.


Book Description

The book description goes on the back cover and on the internet. This can be the same or different. It is usually slightly short for online purposes.

Author Biography

This will be uploaded to the Nicholls Publishing website when the book is ready to launch. This is for promotional purposes. There will need to be a short and long version.


Once the book is uploaded to Amazon and Kindle only then will Amazon give a price guide. This is determined by the size of the book. They will give a minimum price point, and will show the royalties that they take from the book. There is an online calculator that provides you estimates.

Online Amazon & WIX Tutorials

Nicholls Publishing do not take royalties from the book, therefore, an account will be set up for you in your name, you will then be taken through the process on how to monitor your sales. The book will be loaded and ready for you to have full control. You will be sent tutorials on how to use both platforms.

Book Proofs

Once the book has been approved from the Proofreader it is now ready to be uploaded to Amazon and Kindle. This is not the process of going live but to get a book printed as a proof. This will then be shipped to the Editor where they will pick up on any formatting, and any final issues that may arise from this process. Typically the Publisher will request this be done 2-3 times to ensure there are no errors in the book.

Please note: The time period it takes for Amazon to ship a book takes an average of 2 weeks. In a busy season (e.g. the lead up to Christmas) can extend anywhere from 4-6 weeks. This process, however, is crucial for the final product.