With millions of books for readers to choose from, the first “sales pitch” is the cover.

Stage 2 steps to take

  • Discuss ideas for the book cover
  • The Publisher will send you 3 Examples of the cover to choose from. The cover includes the front, back and spine.
  • Discuss Nicholls Publishing logo placement
  • Discuss the barcode placement & ISBN number
  • Discuss sizing of the book
  • Agree to a design

The cover is not only a billboard for the book, but in a sense, the first page of the story; because it is here that the book can communicate a little of the style and mood of the ’Work’ inside. A dark cover, with lots of shadow, can suggest a horror, while a bright white cover with clouds could suggest a motivational textbook. The design is important; it speaks to the emotions of the reader, engaging them on a deeper level thus, potentially not only securing a book sale, but setting the stage for whether or not the reader will like the book.

What goes into the design? This is a creative process and requires attention to detail, concepts of design and may change several times. Nothing is set in stone until both the Author and Publisher agree.

  • The Cover – Images / Concept – Layout, colour schemes, images and placement
  • The Typeface – Fonts to be used for the title, subtitle, Authors name and blurb
  • The Measurements – Spine measurements, book size and spine width