Title: The Nimrods and the Anubis Strain – Book 2

Author: K.E Frey

About the Book

Qara continued throwing her head back in a violent manner. She lost control of her limbs, they jerked suddenly, her eyes rolling upward until only the whites were seen. The display both inhuman and disturbing.

“Just tell us what is wrong with Qara,” Selorna implored.

The Statue of Anubis reveals an unexpected discovery, leading Commander Kathleen Keila and her team of Nimrods to an equally unexpected conspiracy alignment with the Taskan Frema and their former temporary Nimrod Aeryk.

Connections from the past, the emergence of a ruthless Taskan lord and the arrival of an Elite General into the mix further add to the conspiracy. The Nimrods will need to re-assess their position the factions involved have multiplied, which group do they take down first and which one has the answers they seek.