Title: The Nimrods and the Starcluster – Book 1

Author: K.E Frey

About the Book

Commander Kathleen Keila is a well-trained and disciplined operative employed as the equalizer for a narcissistic planetary organisation known as the Elite.

Kathleen and her team The Nimrods are abruptly called back from a mission on Tradon to their home planet Lokteh by an obsessive and jealous Commander. Just as unexpectedly they find themselves drawn into a conspiracy with the disappearance of Commander Keila’s Assistant Operator Mega and the emergence of a purportedly lethal device.

As connections rapidly arise between the Elite, the missing Mega and a rebel leader Tyler Frost, Kathleen and her team with the help of a sword wielding Taskan utilize all their skills and resilience in locating Mega and destroying the device known as the Starcluster.

About the Author

K.E. Frey is an Australian born artist with a Diploma in Fine Arts. Living in the tropics has given her a unique perspective of the night sky; Australia’s famous southern cross and the beautiful outback night sky, has enabled her to create an amazing adventure with colourful characters. K.E. Frey has now created a series.