How to get published?

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March 13, 2017
Amy Nicholls

The ugly truth about the publishing industry. Unfortunately, many authors spend their entire lives trying to get published and, the sad reality is, they may never be published.

Here are the facts, approximately 4000 authors a week get rejected, now, this does not mean that the manuscript is not good or, the author can’t write. This just means that the industry isn’t able to handle the capacity to produce that many books which in turn,  makes them very selective on the manuscripts they do eventually choose. So, in saying this you do have a better chance of getting published by small to medium size publishing companies.

Rejections are second nature to authors, sometimes editors will look at the first page of what has been submitted and throw it aside without even reading a single line from the manuscript. This does not mean that they don’t care, it’s just that they may have 50 other manuscripts sitting underneath it. So, the first question you might ask is how do I get a publisher to take notice of my book? And what part do I send to grab the editor’s attention? You want your book published.

These are great questions. Number one, perfect the title of the book. This is going to be the initial grasping point. The title should lead the book and produce a bit of mystery and entice the reader to want more. Secondly, when you send a manuscript in, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the first chapter this is where many authors get it wrong. They think that the editor needs to hear it from the very beginning. However, some editors may look for mid to end sections of the manuscript and, see how the writer handles an action scene or love scene for example or other dramatic elements. This could also give them an indication of how the rest of the book might be. Sometimes chapter 1 isn’t always the best chapter to send as it can be slow and boring. This isn’t always the case, if you have written a book that has action from the very beginning of the manuscript then this might be the ideal part to send in and when I say action, I don’t necessarily mean that the parts that you send in have to be all action based, but something however, that is crucial to the story line.

And, the next bit of advice I suggest is, although, your manuscript may initially be rejected, do not give up at the first hurdle. Unfortunately, there may be many other rejections to come. This can cause despondency and lead to you questioning your capability as an author. Colonel Sanders the man behind KFC felt like a failure having had numerous occupations throughout his life he however, felt that he had not achieved anything. At the age of 62 he sold his unique chicken to a restaurant and, eventually his life changed from there. That is just a reminder that you are never too old, trust your instincts, stay focused on your dream and remain tenacious.

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