4 simple ways to promote your book

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January 24, 2017
Amy Nicholls

The one thing an author doesn’t usually think about is the process after a book has been written. What do you do once a publisher finally decides to publish your manuscript?

A publisher will always do what they can to promote your book of course, it is in their interest to do so.  However, there are always way you can also help to boost the sales of your own book.

Here are four keys things you can do yourself

1. Self-Promotion and social media

One of the best ways to gain some market control in the vast industry of writing is getting noticed through social media. Two of the best forms of social media are through Facebook and Linkedin. In addition, utilise landing pages through advertising and boosting your network through people you may know locally. Locals will most likely be your biggest fan. Small towns can work in your favour here.

2. Word of mouth

Who will be your biggest fans more than anyone else? Your family and friends of course! Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. If you have ever had a bad experience with anything in your life you will tell 10 other people that is for sure! Deny it all you like… but it’s in our nature to inform others (so it doesn’t happen to them too right?) the point is that if you want to sell your book don’t be afraid to boast about your efforts and tell as many people as you can, so much time and effort has gone into you being able to share your story, so let it be told.

3. Book signings

Get in touch with your local writing association and ask for advice in organising a launch day/week and sign some books. It doesn’t have to be a fancy event. You may want to hold a book signing in your local library or university. Whatever it may be, it is important to show people you are excited and believe in your book.

4. Get reviews

Offer friends and family members to read your book for free to get honest reviews, this will help boost the profile of your book on places like Amazon. Amazon only allows book reviews that are legitimate, they have been known to sue authors that try to falsify the reviews. Do this legitimately and you will have no problems. As long as the book is offered for free to be read with the intentions of you requiring honest unbiased reviews.

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